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2M P. Mitsas – D. Barakos CC Importation, trade and representation of industrial materials and equipment.

Acutech Ltd Quality testing, Non destructive Testing Equipment.

Adicon - Vasilis Tsakarelos Advanced industrial automationsystems.

Alexandris P. George SA Power transmission, goods transmission, screening and filtering elements, conveyor systems.

Alopoudis Miltiadis JCAbrasives.

Alpha Motion SA High-tech systems.

Argirakis & CoIndustrial equipment – filters.

Athanasiadis I. & Co CC - Wagner Hellas Import and distribution painting systems, manufacturing complete painting systems.

Automation & Power SA Trade and industrial electrical equipment.

Ballous Georgios & Co CC Protection of workers.

Bekrodimitris I. SA Trade foundry materials.

C.C. Jensen (Greece) LtdCleaning lubricants and hydraulic fluids - filters.

C.M.A. - D. Argoudelis & Co Ltd Automation systems, electronic repairs, spare parts commerce.

Dakoutros Michael & Co CC Import of industrial and marine hardware.

Difros Laser Trade, studies, construction of metals.

Domac Trading & service of industrial equipment.

Doptoglou I. Vasilios Polyester slings lifting equipment and lashing equipment.

Dynamiki Ltd Trade & construction of sandblasting machines, painting & metal preparation.

EL.IN.Y.A.E. Hellenic Institute of Occupational Health and Safety.

ElmecoModern mechanical & electric studies - constructions.

Eplan Hellas Engineering Solutions Industrial & Commercial development.

Ergotrak SA Air compressors.

Europarts – Dimitris GalekosElastic industrial.

Future Line Magnetic systems for fuel economy and optimization (softening) of water.

Geniki BankBank.

Geniki Leasing Leasing.

Genima Co Rental and repair of power generating sets - Marine Engines.

Georgiou Green Innovations Industrial Lighting.

Gika Bros Imports and trade in materials welding metals.

GK Forces – Katsaris Georgios Protection of Workers.

GP Engineering Viscosity measurement systems «Cambridge Viscosity».

Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers Body - support

Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries Body - support

Hellenic Association of Production Engineering and ManagementBody - support.

Iliopoulos Dimitris - Ilion CNC Manufacture of industrial electronics & automation control systems.

Insula Trade P. K. Koulepis Industrial and thermal insulating materials.

Karanasios ApostolosImport - trading ofindustrial equipment.

Kartelias Al. -Plastic & Metal Plant of plastic & metal objects.

Kleopas N. – Karras G. CCTrade in industrial equipment, storage systems and raw materials.

Kokonis Theologos SA Metal components.

Kyma Ltd Automations.

Lindiridis Emm. Ltd Trade of aircompressors, vacuum pumps - automation & compressed air equipment.

Magnetizer Hellas LtdFuel-saving and energy, water treatment and environmental protection.

Magrinox SA Import and marketing of industrial equipment.

Marex Ltd Integrated automation for industry, energy and shipping.

Megasoft SA Software production

Mesogea SA Imports - trade of electromotors, pumps & inverters.

”Metallo & Ergo” Magazine Publication

Metallo Koufopoulos Representatives of machines- molds.

Moulding Magazine Publications.

Novapax Hellas Polish and welding moulds.

Pals -Panagiotis Vlachogiannis & Co CC Energy Saving, fotovoltaic, power supplies, stabilizers, transformers.

Papadopoulos I. & E. SA Representatives, imports and exports of industrial and mercantile equipment.

Papathanasiou SAMetal welding equipment, metal cutting equipment, water jet cutting installations, metal forming - bending equipment.

Perris SAMachines trade.

Polaris Engineering SA High-tech machines.

Polish Embassy Embassy.

Pilatis Ioannis Trade – Construction.

Pittas – Dragnis Earthing and lightning protection.

Rodex - S. Chatzidimitriou & Co CC Wheels industry - constructions.

Siemens SA Automations.

Sortimo by Camper HellasTechnical unit of special reconstruction and equipment of vehicles and workshops.

Stop SA Safety equipment of workers.

Technisis Trade and maintenance of power tools thermoplastic.

Technomatik Control SATrade, studies and applications of compressed air - oil.

Tountas G. & N. CC Industrial and maritime equipment.

Tsirigotis Petros Foundry

Vamvakas Industrial EquipmentIndustrial Machinery Equipment optimization of compressed air.

Viscol Hellas – G. Baraliakos & Co CCSpecial industrial lubricants.

Vlachakis Systems SAOccupational painting, sandblasting and water-sandblasting.

Vrekosis D. Technical Quality Control Office.

Vulcano Ltd Trade industrial equipments

Wulf Aluform Agelakopoulos Athanasios Aluminum Foundry-Exports.

Xanthis SA Generators.

XYTAL – Katsouris N. Stylianos Foundry.

Zogopoulos N.F. – Interwide Lifting machinery,crane constructions, accessories.
The 3rd edition of the biggest exhibition in the country for automation, innovating products, new technologies, systems and applications for mechanical and industrial equipment shows one more important advantage:  the 6th «LOGISTICS Warehouse-Transport».
3pl Logistics Logistics services group

Acmon Data Development and implementation of information systems production records.

ACS CourierCourier company

Advanced Telematics Telematic Flee management.

Alpha Green SA Collection trasport and disposal of municipal and bulky waste

AnacoStorage system-filling system

ANEK Lines Maritime company

Anodos Logistics Company logistics warehouse

Arcon Hellas Equipment for industrial areas.

Aron Transport Transport company

Bougatsos SA Industrial refrigeration,refrigerated warehouses

Atlantis Consultants SA Business organization consultants.

Atlas Hellas Steel building construction,great space shelters

Business Concept Logistics consultants

Ceva Logistics 3PL Company.

Chep Packaging systems – pallet crates.

Craneports LtdPort equipment

Cross Docking Courier Courier company

DLS Logistics Logistics services

Economou TransportLogistics and Transport company

EMKO Koutelas Imports Barrow and luggage transfer.

Emporiki Leasing Βanking services

Ergon Sissoreftai Industrial battery type.

Europal SA Trade of wood pallets

Eurotypa Marangoni Industrial wheels -Tires for industrial forklifts

FDX Μεταφορικός όμιλος

Fillis Forklift Forklift trucks

Focus Hellas Web fleet management

Frotcom Διαχείριση στολου

Fujitron Industrial type accumulators.

G & G Packaging, re-packaging, storage and cargo operations.

Harlas International Transports.

Hellenic Company of Logistics Body- Supporter.

Hellenic Containers Transport company Sale and rental of containers.

Hellenic Seaways Maritime company

Holliday Land Industrial plastics-boxes

Iason AEVE – Mitsubishi Professional Vehicles.

Intercold Industrial Freezing.

Intralight Natural lighting systems.

Kapsali Georgia –Autotech Distribution fleet management and routing system

Karcher-Kritsonis Cleaning machines

Karras Industrial flooring.

Ktisissol Industrial lighting without energy.

LamaplastStorage systems.pallet crates

Lead and CoReal estate

Leader Transports Transport company - Storage – distributions.

Maritime Union Body – supporter.

Medfrigo Transport company.

Merkon Industrial and warehouse lighting

Metallokat Metallic constructions

Mobile Technology Design, installation and support of solutions including Data Collection Systems and Mobile Computer Systems for industrial environments.

Modular Covering Sale and rental of industrial buildings.

Multikat Trading of freezing cabinets

NCA Hellas Carton closing machines

NilfiskCleaning machines

Optimum Developing information systems to supply chain management.

Oscar Ramps - Doors - Industrial Rollers.

Panergon-DAF National international transpotration trucks

Pelma Warehouses and shelves rolling shelving systems.

Planning SA Design and implementation of information systems - strategic and business planning.

QualcoIT solutions and servises

Quality Logistics 3PL Company.

Sarantopoulos SΑ Τrade and leasing forklifts

Sefer Hellas Storage systems.

Sensap Development - distribution equipment and software.

Sfakianakis SA- Dealer MANNational international transpotration trucks

Shell Industry Center AthanasopoulosIndustrial products, lubricants - chemicals, adblue.

Spider Storage racks - storage systems.

Stafilopatis SA Trade and leasing forklifts

Standoor Hellas Storage racks - storage systems.

Storact – Dimitriadis Warehouses and shelves rolling shelving systems.

ΤΕΙ Alexandrio Salonica Education Institute

Trade Commercial Commercial company

Tsialos Natural lighting systems.

Varvitsiotis Packaging Solutions Packaging machines and materials

Vaporidis Anastasios Lifting machinery – handling.

Velos Storage systems pallet racks

Viosy Industrial-type batteries.

Zefyros LogisticsLogistics services

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